DFCI – A Win for SMB’s?

We talk a lot about protecting endpoints: restricting what users can and can’t do, deploying Windows ATP, mandating compliance – but what about the hardware itself? Sure, BitLocker can help protect against a utilman exploit but what prevents the OS being wiped away? You might have a shared device that you don’t want modified orContinue reading “DFCI – A Win for SMB’s?”

OneDrive Silent Setup And Protecting Your Users

At first it was interesting but a bit of a pain, uploading ADMX files with specific version numbers. Then Administrative Templates came along and made it a bit easier. Fast-forward to March 2020, with Intune Service Release 2003, and an all new Administrative Templates interface has arrived. Intune is without a doubt one of myContinue reading “OneDrive Silent Setup And Protecting Your Users”