Fixing Teams Media Optimisation in Windows Virtual Desktop

Back in July of 2020 (so long ago it seems), Windows Virtual Desktop saw a massive leap forward with Spring Release otherwise commonly known as ARM Release. One of the major changes this bought forward was media optimization and AV redirection for Teams using the WebRTC client. Christiaan Brinkhoff has a great step by stepContinue reading “Fixing Teams Media Optimisation in Windows Virtual Desktop”

Teams Gets Pretty

Finally, it’s here! After many months, if not years, of posts on the Teams User Voice, comments at expos and conferences, and emails, the Teams product group have bought backgrounds into Teams video calling. On the surface it seems like a purely cosmetic change, however with the dramatic growth in work from home, how manyContinue reading “Teams Gets Pretty”

Making the most of your Microsoft 365 experience

Microsoft’s 365 platform is a complicated beast; to a new administrator it can be a daunting task to wrap your head around all of its intricacies, each with their own administrator portals and an untold number of settings available to tailor your experience. For every environment, the requirements are unique; there’s no one size fitsContinue reading “Making the most of your Microsoft 365 experience”

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